Race Classification:

Regional C+
Date: 8th July 2021 (First league race)
Entry: All events to be entered individually via BC website. Priority given to affiliated team riders.
Entry on the day: Unavailable
Max field size: 60


The decision of the clubs who do organise and facilitate the league was that we would no longer have the non affiliated night and that the league is open to all, however, as a reward for supporting the league, riders from affiliated clubs can enter the whole series in advance (thus guaranteeing their ride), but riders from clubs not affiliated will have to enter each race on the night (this is more costly than a series entry).

The rule that non affiliated riders do not get league points still stands. This is another reason why your club or team (no matter how small) should become involved in organising a league event.


EOL unavailable for 2021 season


All riders will be awarded BC points but EOL riders will not receive road race league points and will not receive any league prizes

The SSSCCRRL was designed as a training league, but we know that different riders use it for different purposes – from the hardened racer who is using it for training, through to the beginner who is trying to get some experience. Bearing this mixed standard of rider in mind it is essential that everyone:

Obey the rules of the road
Don’t cross the white lines
Remember that we share the road with others who are bigger than us
Don’t panic riders who are trying to learn the art of bunched racing
Remember in the sprint at the end that it’s not the world championship and therefore it is not worth risking injury through risk taking.
Recognise that the commisaire is the highest authority at the event
Remember that you are representing CYCLING to the public

The league has no infrastructure behind it other than the committee and therefore relies on the participation of its riders to make it work. Participating clubs nominate a member to attend the AGM and organise their event, riders & members of the affiliated club are expected to marshal – drive and help where they can on their race (riders unavailable during their own club race must offer to support another club when they are available).

The club nominated organiser is doing the riders a favor by representing his / her club, having done this job many times I recognise the stress that this person is under, most of which comes from not knowing what club support they will have on the day.  Can I therefore request that all riders find out who is organising their event and pledge their support to their event organiser at the earliest possible opportunity.

A rider is affiliated to the league by being a 1st claim member of a club who are organising a race (and marshalling at their clubs event) – this entitles them to series entry. Non affiliated riders are welcome to enter on the night, but can only be accepted once riders from affiliated clubs have been catered for.

Lastly, we are bound by the rules of British Cycling, thus – if you do not have a current license and crash helmet, you will not be allowed to ride.
Safe Racing