race jerseys sponsored by Jacob Tipper Performance Coaching


* Having done a survey of how many affiliated club riders will race this year, we have decided to allow any riders who are not affiliated to enter the series (subject to them assisting run one round).  We will take on the task of telling them which race they have to help on as either driver, red flag marshal, sign on desk, cleaner etc *

We are pleased to be back for the 2023 Season

As you know the League has been going for more than 20 years.

It has evolved into a excellent way of gaining race experience for new and experienced riders.

The format is we have 4 groups, newcomers etc in group 1, up to group 4 which is 1st cats and elites giving all categories a chance of a race, without getting dropped.

The races are approx 35 miles, group 1 starts with a gap of approx 11 minutes from group 4 and are encouraged to work together to prevent them getting caught, which sometimes sees group 1 stay out front and take the win!

Jerseys are awarded each week to (based on RRL points)

Leading overall / yellow

Leading junior / white

Leading lady / pink

Leading Vet / red

Jerseys were gratefully donated by Jacob Tipper Coaching

2023 Race fees

£150 for 8 races (as you must help your own club put on a race).

We will accept £50 now as deposit to secure your place, with the remaining £100 paid by 15.4.2023.

Entry on the line is £25 so a large discount is given to book the series.

New this year

Following the AGM it was voiced that there are a lot of riders who are novices with limited race experience who would like to try the league but costs and the risk of getting dropped quickly put them off. So new for 2023 is any rider with limited race experience will be allowed to enter with the fee being £10 which pays for a 1 day licence per race.

This rider must be nominated by the club they are a member of.

The rider will then be assessed as to what groups they go into in future stages, also reviewing the fee.