Race Briefing

To enable riders and officials more time to prepare the Race Briefing will be held at the start line before each group starts. Not as one big bunch. You must attend as you will be informed of anything we deem important and race accordingly to the BC Race Smart Policy.
2 years ago we were banned from using the school at Penkridge and the Exit of the Penkridge Cricket Club because of riders relieving themselves following complaints. Therefore we are strictly applying penalties to any rider seen or whom we receive complaints about.
This Thursday there are temporary traffic lights on the bridge at Stapleford. however we have paid £450 to contractors for the 3 events this year and they will control the lights to allow groups through but if it shows red you must stop.
It has been another good start to the series with good racing.
Thank you you for your cooperation.
Mike Jackson BC Comm – League Co-ordinator
John Ireson Chairman