1. Entry to the road race league events is subject to affiliated clubs riders assisting at one of the events over series. This will be there club organised event.
2. BC points will be awarded to the first 10 finishers. 10 points to the winner, 2nd 8, 3rd 7, 4th 6, 5th 5, 6th 4, 7th 3, 8th 2, 9th 1, 10th 1.
3. Transponders and cable ties will be issued at races to all riders in exchange for a valid BC racing licence. Riders should fit and remove the transponder themselves.

Riders should fit the transponder to their front fork as near to the axle/hub as possible no other position will be allowed.

After the race cut the cable tie and return transponder to the signing on desk, whereby your licence will be given in return, failure to do this will incur a £80 cost and your licence withheld.

Bear in mind that these transponders are  used at Aldersley track every week and must be returned on the night .

To aid the quick return of the transponders it would pay riders to bring a suitable tool to cut /trim the cable tie.
4. League registered riders will gain points using the scale below. Only affiliated clubs riders can gain league points.

1st 100, 2nd 80, 3rd 65, 4th 50, 5th 40, 6th 35, 7th 30, 8th 25, 9th 20
10th – 14th 18
15th - 19th 17
20th – 24th 16
25th – 29th 15
30th – 34th 14
35th – 39th 13
40th - -44th 12
45th – 49th 11
50th – 54th 10
55th – 59th 5
60th – 64th 4
65th – 69th 3
70th – 74th 2
75th – 80th 1
5. The SSSCCRRL registered rider’s aggregate points in all League counting events will decide their league position.
6. In the event of a tie the following tiebreakers are used.
a) The highest place in the final event.
b) Riders average points in South Staffordshire & Shropshire Cycling Road Race League.
7. Any objections or queries arising from any League Event, a) Must be submitted to the Event Commisaire on the day of event. b) If the results are not available on the race day, to the League co-ordinator within 2 days.
8. Riders selection process for oversubscribed events
9. Handicapping is based on the results from the previous season and this seasons performances in BC events.  After the each weeks race league event groups will be adjusted based on riders performances.

John Ireson is the chief handicapper supported by John Ireson. After each league race only they will decide which riders will be moving groups.  They will normally be available at the sign on desk. On race night a riders grouping will be displayed on the signing on sheet.  If you feel that you in the wrong group please discuss this will the handicapper before signing on.

At the start of the race groups will be called to the start line. It has been known for some riders to move unauthorized to another group. This is subject to disqualification.
10. SSSRRL - Complaints Procedure