Butlin sprints to victory from breakaway in SSSCCRRL R12

Daniel Butlin (EvoVelo Karbona) sprinted out of a four-man breakaway to clinch victory on the night in the final round of the Shropshire and South Staffordshire Road Race League.

Daniel Butlin (EvoVelo Karbona) celebrates his victory. Picture: David Perry

The 33-year-old, from Birmingham, took a narrow sprint victory in the fast run in as the breakaway kept their 25 seconds gap over a charging bunch on the flat Charlton circuit.

It was the second week in a row where the scratch riders were outdone by the earlier groups in the handicap format.

A group of four competed the sprint finish and Butlin just piped Timothy Jones (University of Nottingham CC) for the victory with local rider Alfie Mortimer (Mid Shropshire Wheelers) took third from Ben Lloyd (Pro Vision Race Team).

The scratch riders were led home by former race winner Ben Manfield-Yorke (Morvelo Basso RT) but he had to settle for fifth on this occasion.

The winning breakaway meant that Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team) didn’t have to compete the finish to seal the overall series victory with Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team) finishing sixth on the night for second overall.

George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team) sealed the overall juniors victory, Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) top veteran and Amanda Whitehouse (Stourbridge CC) first woman.

1 Daniel Butlin (EvoVelo Karbona)
2 Timothy Jones (University of Nottingham CC)
3 Alfie Mortimer (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
4 Ben Lloyd (Pro Vision Race Team)
5 Ben Manfield-Yorke (Morvelo Basso RT)
6 Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team)
7 Adam Butlin (EvoVelo Karbona)
8 Tom Pook (Rhino Velo Race Team)
9 Matthew Morris (Wolverhampton Whls)
10 Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team)

Rushton takes victory in Shropshire and South Staffordshire Road Race League R11

NEIL Rushton took an unexpected win as he charged clear in the last mile and road to victory in round 11 of the Shropshire and South Staffordshire Road Race League.

The 55-year-old from Dudley took his opportunity as the first handicap group escaped the faster riders and took all the honours on the hilly Enville circuit.

In a series which has largely been dominated by the fastest ‘scratch group’ it was the slower riders who held onto a portion of their starting advantage and fought out the win.

After working hard throughout the race the first group started to believe they had a chance of victory in the final of the four laps.

Up the Six Ashes climb veteran rider Kevin Payton (Stourbridge CC) made his bid for home and built up a 20 seconds advantage with several miles left to race.

As the leading group approached the rise up to the last mile and flat finish Payton’s gap shrunk and his team-mates Rushton and Simon Smewin powered across.

Payton hung onto the duo as Rushton powered clear for victory while Payton beat Smewin as Stourbridge CC took the top three places.

“It was an unexpected win I have to say,” said Rushton.

“It’s rare that the first group stay away but the handicap worked for us last night. We ride every week and in our hearts knowing we are going to get caught.

“Luckily we stayed away this week and I managed to get the win. As we were approaching the top of the final climb I was aware group two were baring down on us. So once we turned left into the finishing straight I put my head down and didn’t look back.

“I went as quick as I could and just expected somebody to come past. It’s really unexpected as usually I’m out of the back and I’m not light either so to win on a hilly course is unexpected.”

Behind leading woman rider on the night Hannah Lancaster (Ludlow Brewery Race Team) was also part of the first group and took sixth.

Behind the usually dominant scratch group including the rest of the leading jerseys finished 15 seconds behind and were led home by Charles Walker (unattached) in 13th.

1 Neil Ruston (Stourbridge CC)
2 Kevin Payton (Stourbridge CC)
3 Simon Smewin (Stourbridge CC)
4 Bryan Davies (unattached)
5 Alec Bond (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
6 Hannah Lancaster (Ludlow Brewery Race Team)
7 Darren Parsons (Pro Vision RT)
8 Andrew Mortimer (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
9 Steve Whitehouse (Stourbridge CC)
10 Tim Wilfort (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)

Ferguson powers clear to victory in SSSCCRRL R10

Callum Ferguson (Team KTM) powered up the finishing climb before riding clear for victory in round 10 of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Road Race League.

Callum Ferguson celebrates victory in round 10. Picture: David Perry

On his first appearance at this year’s road race league Ferguson, from Bromsgrove, used his power to ride clear at the top of the second ascent up Bromley Bank, near Bridgnorth after 34 miles of racing.

With the top two overall riders Kirk Vickers and Matthew Garthwaite both sitting out the latest round it was a weakened scratch handicapped group.

After catching the first couple of groups ahead of them on the road the impetus from the bunch went with groups still ahead of them.

Ferguson looked to close the gap individually and then was joined by Jack Stanton-Warren (Wheelbase Castelli MGD).

However, the pace rose from the peloton and the escapees were caught and the race came together before the final ascent up Bromley Bank.

With the race strung out up the climb Ferguson waited until over the top of the climb to power clear to victory.

“I knew that at that time of the race people would be tired and that it would stretch out over the top,” said Ferguson.
“When it flattened out I used my momentum and the other guys felt the effort so going over the top I got down and tried to get aerodynamic and didn’t look back.”

Ferguson took the victory by a couple of bike lengths while Jamie Crump (Successcycling.co.uk) led the charge for second.

Last year’s overall series winner Ben Joughin (Pro Vision RT) took advantage of the absence of Vickers and Garthwaite to take third on the night and move up to second overall.

Jamieson Blain (Halesowen A & CC) kept his hopes of clinching the junior overall series victory alive by taking fourth reducing the gap on junior series leader George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision RT) who finished seventh.

Matthew Morris (Wolverhampton Whls) was fastest veteran in 10th although Phillip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) holds a commanding lead in that category in the overall series.

With two rounds remaining the series returns to Enville next week when Vickers could seal the overall series victory.

1 Callum Ferguson (Team KTM)
2 Jamie Crump (Successcycling.co.uk)
3 Ben Joughin (Pro Vision RT)
4 Jamieson Blain (Halesowen A & CC)
5 Daniel Butlin (EvoVelo Karbona)
6 Sam Beeston (Pro Vision RT)
7 George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision RT)
8 Jack Stanton-Warren (Wheelbase Castelli MGD)
9 Will Corden (Velo Runner)
10 Matthew Morris (Wolverhampton Whls)

Corden rides clear to maiden victory in SSSCCRRL R9

Will Corden (Velo Runner) timed his winning effort to perfection and charged to his maiden victory of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Road Race League.
The first category rider from Stone led a one-two-three by local riders at the Swynnerton circuit, in Staffordshire, used by the series for the first time this season.
Corden launched his winning move in the final mile from a select leading group and charged up the finishing climb to claim the win.
With Pro Vision Racing riders organising the three lap race over 35 miles the scratch group had a different look to usual.
However, with several visiting riders bidding for the win they worked well together averaging 27.5 miles per hour over the undulating terrain.
They caught the slower groups set off ahead of them due to the handicapped format with just over 10 miles remaining.
As they approached the finishing climb with a lap remaining Grant Bigham (Velo Runner) launched an attack with overall leader Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo RT) and team-mate Matthew Garthwaite chasing along with Jack Stanton-Warren (Wheelbase Castelli MGD) leading to the race coming back together.
Over the undulating back half of the circuit Stuart Glover (Rhino Velo RT) and Chris Bailey (KTM MTB UK) made a bid for victory and built up a sizable gap.
Noticing that the race was going away from them Velo Runner team-mates Corden and Bigham bridged the gap.
Coming into the last mile Corden made his bid for home and had time to celebrate the victory with Bigham winning the uphill sprint for second.
A fifth place for Vickers meant that he increased his overall series lead and has a substantial margin heading into the final three rounds.
Fastest veteran was Matthew Morris (Wolverhampton Whls) in eighth although Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) still has a healthy lead in the overall veteran’s competition.
George Mills-Keeling kept his healthy lead in the junior’s overall jersey

Will Corden celebrates victory. Picture: David Perry

despite helping at the latest round.

1 Will Corden (Velo Runner)
2 Grant Bigham (Velo Runner)
3 Chris Bailey (KTM MTB UK)
4 Stuart Glover (Rhino Velo RT)
5 Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo RT)
6 Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo RT)
7 Will Manfield-Yorke (Cycle Team OnForm)
8 Matthew Morris (Wolverhampton Whls)
9 Nick Morris (Clee Cycles)
10 Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC)

Ireson sprints to victory in SSSCCRRL R8

James Ireson celebrates victory in a previous round. Picture: David Perry

JAMES Ireson (Morvelo Basso RT) sprinted clear with 200 metres to go and held on to clinch victory in round eight of the Shropshire and South Staffordshire Road Race League.

The 21-year-old, from Wolverhampton, timed his effort to perfection to take his second win of the series after also winning round six two weeks earlier.

The flat course around Charlton, near Shrewsbury, and up the old A5 made for some fast racing with the scratch group averaging over 28 miles per hour.

Ireson was part of the scratch group which caught those that set off ahead of them as part of the handicap format with 10 miles remaining.

The fast pace leading into the flat finish provided the perfect launch-pad for Ireson to take a clear victory.

In a closer fight for second last year’s overall winner Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team) took second while Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team) narrowed the gap on the overall lead with third.

Overall leader (yellow jersey wearer) Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team) kept his clear lead with a fourth place finish.

“We caught the handicap groups with 1.5 laps to go (of the five lap race) which was perfect timing,” said Ireson.

“It meant that it wasn’t all a massive bunch coming into the finish or too early on so it was quite nice.

“It was quite a good finish and went into the sprint at 35 to 36 miles per hour and I opened up the sprint so it was comfortable in the end.

“Due to the heat the race was quite demanding, and it was about drinking right.”

Last week’s winner Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) extended his gap in the veteran’s competition with a fifth-place finish.

Jake White (Wolverhampton Whls) was fastest junior in seventh although George Mills-Keeling remains the junior leader following a 16th place finish overall.

Lucy Davies (Artic Tacx) also finished safely in the bunch to finish leading woman on the night.

1 James Ireson (Morvelo Basso RT)
2 Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team)
3 Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team)
4 Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team)
5 Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC)
6 Jonathan Bourne (Pro Vision Race Team)
7 Jake White (Wolverhampton Whls)
8 Rob Childs (Stourbridge Velo)
9 Anthony Neave (Stourbridge Velo)
10 Sam Beeston (Pro Vision Race Team)

Glaze charges to maiden victory in SSSCCRRL R7

Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) celebrates victory. Picture: David Perry

Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) powered clear from a winning breakaway to clinch his first victory of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Road Race League.

The veteran rider was part of a three-man breakaway which escaped the bunch prior to the final climb and built up an unassailable margin to hold off the chasing bunch.

Earlier in the race the handicap system saw the last group of riders catch a gap of seven minutes over the leading group over the 35 miles race including two ascents of the finishing climb.

With the race together approaching the last few miles the winning breakaway formed on the undulating roads before the final climb.

Over the top of the finishing hill the experience of Glaze showed as he powered clear to take a clear victory.

He was chased home a couple of bike lengths behind by 16-year-old Farley Barber (Pro Vision Race Team) while previous multiple round winner Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team) finished third.

Behind overall leader Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team) attacked in pursuit of the three leaders at the bottom of the finishing climb and was chased by leading overall junior George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team) and team-mate Sam Beeston.

Mills-Keeling had the fastest finish to take third while Vickers consolidated his leaders yellow jersey in fourth.

First woman was Hannah Lancaster (Ludlow Brewery) in 31st place.


1. Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC)
2. Farley Barber (Pro Vision Race Team)
3. Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team)
4. George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team)
5. Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team)
6. Sam Beeston (Pro Vision Race Team)
7. Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team)
8. Jonathan Bourne (Pro Vision Race Team)
9. Phil Rushton (Stourbridge CC)
10. Anthony Neave (Stourbridge CC)


Ireson powers to victory in SSSCCRRL R6

James Ireson (Morvelo Basso) sprinted to victory in the sixth round of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Road Race League.

James Ireson celebrates victory. Picture: David Perry

The 21-year-old, from Wolverhampton, was part of an elite group of six riders who escaped the rest of the field and contested the finish.

Ireson, who has recently finished riding in the televised OVO Energy Tour Series, was joined by a host of visiting elite riders including fellow professional rider Andrew Tennant (Canyon Eisberg).

The Enville course, near Stourbridge, is known as one of the hardest in the road race league and includes four ascents of Six Ashes climb.

The handicap format meant that the elite riders had a gap of 10 minutes to catch the first group on the road.

Once they did the winning move escaped the peloton including overall leader Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team) and built up an unassailable margin of over a minute.

Coming into the flat finish Ireson used his track speed to ride clear to victory while Vickers settled for second and veteran David Griffiths (Clee Cycles) finished third.

The second place for Vickers saw him increase his overall lead substantially with league rivals Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team) finishing in 49th and his team-mate Matthew Garthwaite in 28th.

It was also a good night for junior series leader George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team) who increased his grasp on the jersey with a 13th place finish.

Fastest woman was Hannah Lancaster (Ludlow Brewery RT) while Annie Stanford (Paramount CRT) kept the overall women’s jersey.

George Mills-Keeling increased his lead in the junior category

Vickers makes it hat-trick of wins

KIRK Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team) took his third victory of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Road Race League to regain the overall series lead with another perfectly timed effort in round five.

The 24-year-old, from Whitchurch has now won every other round of the series and outdid the pure sprinters again with a perfectly timed move in the last mile on the closed-circuit track at Stourport.

The tight nature of the track meant that the riders were split into two races with the slower two groups competing in the first race before the fastest two raced in the second.

In the first race Daniel Morris, from Bridgnorth, sprinted to a clear victory holding off West Midlands Police CC team-mates Gerry Blackman and James Gibney placing second and third respectively.

Mellissa Brand (Cycle Team Onform) was first woman in 22nd.

The second race saw the junior, veterans and overall leaders go head-to-head over the 50 minutes long circuit race in which saw riders complete 25 laps.

Vickers was part of a seven-man breakaway which would prove decisive and built up a lead of over 45 seconds on the chasers.

He timed his winning move to perfection attacking with only a minute left of the race and narrowly holding off his fast chasing rivals to clinch the victory.

Junior category contender George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team) finished second narrowly edging out team-mate Ben Joughin by a tyres width.

Junior series leader Jamieson Blain (Zappi Racing Team) was close behind finishing fourth on the night.

Overall series leader Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team) was left in the chasing in the group behind finishing 12th and will hand back his yellow jersey to Vickers for the second time this series.

Rob Childs (Stourbridge CC) was the leading veteran home in sixth while team-mate and veteran overall leader Philip Glaze finished 17th.

“It started pretty quickly and on the first few laps I tried to force a breakaway,” said Vickers.

“The breakaway eventually did happen and we worked well together pulling out a decisive gap. I tried to go solo a few times but kept getting reeled in.

“With half-a-lap to go I attacked from the back of the breakaway before the bottom hairpin and got the winning gap.

With seven rounds remaining the series heads to Enville next week and Vickers is looking to defend his overall leader’s jersey.

He added: “Matthew Garthwaite and Ben Joughin are by biggest threats for the overall. Me and Matt (Garthwaite) haven’t won in the yellow jersey and passed it to each other as you are marked when you’re wearing the leader’s jersey.

“We are getting close to half-way through the series and getting to the business end where tactics come into play a bit more.”


E,1,2,3 race
1 Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team)
2 George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team)
3 Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team)
4 Jamieson Blain (Zappi Racing Team)
5 Chris Pook (Rhino Velo Race Team)
6 Rob Childs (Stourbridge Velo)
7 Tom Pook (Rhino Velo Race Team)
8 Daniel Brough (Pro Vision Race Team)
9 Nick Morris (Clee Cycles)
10 Jonathan Bourne (Pro Vision Race Team)


3,4 race
1 Daniel Morris (Halesowen A&CC)
2 Gerry Blackman (West Midlands Police CC)
3 James Gibney (West Midlands Police CC)



4 Chris Bragg (Stourbridge Velo)
5 Jonathan Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision RT)
6 Gareth Vickers (Stourbridge CC)
7 David Whitehouse (Mid Shropshire Whls)
8 Adam Roper (Newport Shropshire CC)
9 Darren Winterburn (Breakfast Club Velo)
10 Charlie Fisher (Newport Shropshire CC)

Garthwaite wins again from breakaway in SSSCCRRL R4

Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team) took back the leader’s yellow jersey he lost last week with a fine victory in round four of the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Road Race League.

Matthew Garthwaite celebrates victory. Picture: David Perry

Garthwaite, from Newport, Shropshire, also won the second round two weeks earlier and the fast nature of the Penkridge route suited him once again.

He joined team-mate and overall leader going into the race Kirk Vickers in the last of the four handicapped groups starting seven and a half minutes behind the first group.

The race organised by Walsall RCC saw riders completed five laps of the course totalling 33 miles near Cannock Chase- which included a long but fast uphill drag section and a flat finish.

With just under 10 miles remaining the four groups came together on the uphill section and with the race splintering last year’s overall winner Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team) made his bid for glory.

On the fast descent down from the climb Garthwaite road across to his rival to form a two-man breakaway at the front.

Over the final lap the pairing built up a winning margin of just under 30 seconds as their rivals could only watch them ride away.

At the finish it was Garthwaite who used his strength to ride clear for victory with Joughin settling for second.

He took the overall leader’s jersey off team-mate Kirk Vickers who finished 7th, with both having won two rounds each.

Veteran rider Jason Meyer, from Bridgnorth, used his experience to escape from the bunch and held on for third place overall with veteran leader Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) finishing 11th.

The junior competition continues to be a close battle with Jamieson Blain (Zappi Racing Team) increasing his slender lead finishing 8th on the night ahead of rival George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Race Team) in 12th.

Annie Stanford (Paramount CRT) continued her lead in the women’s category finishing 41st on the night.

The series continues next week with a traffic free race on the specifically designed closed circuit course at Stourport.

1 Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo Race Team)
2 Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Race Team)
3 Jason Meyer (Stourbridge Velo)
4 Chris Booth (Pro Vision Race Team)
5 Max Hall (Team MK)
6 Christopher Mann (Marsh Tracks RT)
7 Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo Race Team)
8 Jamieson Blain (Zappi Racing Team)
9 Elroy Laud (unattached)
10 Daniel Butlin (EvoVelo Karbona)

Vickers regains yellow with solo attack in SSSCCRRL R3

Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo RT) fended of the bunch for the second time in three weeks to clinch another solo victory in the South Shropshire and Shropshire Road Race League.

Kirk Vickers celebrates victory. Picture: David Perry

After winning the opening round at Knighton with a late solo effort the 24-year-old, from Whitchurch, attacked with four miles to go in the latest round at Bridgnorth and kept clear up the finishing climb to take victory.

Organised by Wolverhampton Wheelers Cycling Club the third round was on the lumpy course including two assents up to the finish on Bromley Bank.

With seven minutes to catch the front group due to the handicap format the fastest group of the four worked well together and caught group three during the opening lap.

On the first time up Bromley Bank, Vickers attacked and took with him Jamie Crump (Successcycling.co.uk), overall leader Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo RT) and Pro Vision Racing trio Jonathan Bourne, Ben Joughin and George Mills-Keeling.

The six escapees worked well together and caught the two slower groups in the closing stages.

With four miles remaining on the undulating roads into the finishing climb Vickers made his move building up a substantial gap.

However, the chasers closed the gap in a frantic finish with Vickers just holding on for victory.

“The last section towards the finish had a tailwind so I waited for the leading group to slow and then attacked with four miles to go and pulled out a good gap,” said Vickers.

“I hit the final climb up Bromley Bank pretty hard and then pushed on over the top as the chasing group were coming pretty quickly but I timed it right.

“I celebrated a bit early and almost underestimated how quick the chasers were coming but hung on. I’ve got the yellow jersey back and should have a good margin now.”

Crump climbed well to take second while last season’s overall winner Joughin continued his consistent form to pick up third.

Yellow jersey wearer Garthwaite finished sixth and lost his overall lead to team-mate Vickers while Joughin moved into second overall.

“Charlton didn’t suit me very well last week and the scratch group wasn’t working very together and I missed the split,” Vickers added.

“We tried to mix things up this week as Ben Joughin is a good sprinter so we tried to make it a bit harder for Pro Vision.

“It was good to get a third win for Rhino Velo of the series.”

Leading junior rider Jamieson Blain (Halesowen A&CC) finished in 30th but kept onto the white jersey by a single point from fourth place Mills-Keeling.

Leah Dixon (Cycle Team On Form) was the leading woman in 17th while Annie Stanford (Paramount CRT) kept the pink jersey.

1 Kirk Vickers (Rhino Velo RT)
2 Jamie Crump (Successcycling.co.uk)
3 Ben Joughin (Pro Vision Racing)
4 George Mills-Keeling (Pro Vision Racing)
5 Phil Rushton (Stourbridge CC)
6 Matthew Garthwaite (Rhino Velo RT)
7 Jonathan Bourne (Pro Vision Racing)
8 Charlie Fisher (Newport Shropshire CC)
9 James Gibney (West Midlands Police CC)
10 Matt Lovelady (Royal Air Force CA)